About Me

Picking up a pencil. Doodling. Sketching. Inking. Painting.
All fairly simple acts, but there’s something about them that can make the most ill-at-ease, anxious, or outcast person feel at peace with the world around them, even the people around them.

I have felt all of these, and perhaps you have too. I suppose that’s why I do what I do, and why I struggle with myself to always improve.

Over the past few years and thanks to my adoring husband, I have traveled more of the world than I could have imagined when I was a child. Currently, we are settled in Munich, Germany and though friends and family are far, here it seems so much like my home back in Indiana. The weather changes the same and the people are just as kind and generous. There is something about it all that seems so perfect, as if we are here just at the right time. As I finish my MA and finalise my graduation in December, I am looking forward to creating new work and exploring new mediums. This also comes with being able to freely read and research, without the anxiety of graduate school looming overhead. All of that writing, in arts management, art history, and how we all interact with culture, can be found at Artstake.

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