Otterfolk Arcane Trickster
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Otterfolk Arcane Trickster

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Otterfolk Rough Linework

Kathryn von csefalvay crockettotter

Otterfolk Rough Sketch

Character Brief: female Otterfolk Rogue. She has brown fur and chocolate brown eyes (almost as big as Puss and boots when he wants something) so she is super cute. She uses an oath bow and is also an arcane trickster so she uses magic. She wears brown pants, no shoes, a tan peasant tee shirt thing and a green vest. She has a deep brown cloak with hood too. She's only like 2 to 2.5 feet tall.

Tish uses her looks to portray innocence, shyness and weakness so that her foes don't feel threatened while she readys herself to stab them in the back.