Aarakocra Rogue
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Aarakocra Rogue color

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Aarakocra rogue rough linework

Kathryn von csefalvay crockettarmdus

Aarakocra sketch

Character Brief: male vibrant blue Aarakocra Rogue with gold eyes. He uses a magic longbow to snipe his enemies from the sky. He wears dark leather armor over his dark commoners clothes. The inside of his wings have darker feathers to help him blend with a dark sky or poorly lit ceiling.
Armdus is always looking for the next score. He is very patient with his slyness. He will look for opportunities whenever they present themselves as a way to get what he needs. He comes off a very charismatic attention grabber just so he can get every eye on him and not on what he is trying to take. Much like a street magician doing slight of hand.